Our team transformed an Allotment Garden into an area which can be used by all the family. 

Over the course of the project, we erected over 100 meters of fence, removed old structures which included sheds, a greenhouse, various raised beds and a brick path. The area was levelled out to create a blank canvas. After discussing options and designing with the customer we Installed a curvy footpath down the garden, laid 110m2 of turf, added child-friendly play grade wood chips and made a bespoke seat around the tree to make a feature in the garden.

 DK Horticulture helped a customer resolve a flooding issue in their garden.

The flooding was caused by inadequate drainage and clay soil. Following a surveyors report, we removed the border along with 6 tones of the clay soil, installed a soakaway, then levelled the ground using sleepers to retain the 10 tones of limestone gravel, which was topped off with decorative gravel.